If I Could Parent My Children All Over Again

Our youngest is nearing her high school graduation.  Our second is getting married a week later.  In this milestone season, I have had several opportunities to just sit and ponder.   If I could do it all over again, here are some of things I would do different.

I would listen more.

I would express my appreciation and praise more.

I would spend more time as a family all together.

I would laugh more.

I would offer more opportunities for my children to feel a sense of belonging.

I would encourage more personal responsibility in my children.

I would love the father of my children more.

No regrets.  It’s just a reflection.  How about you?  If you are still parenting, how can you change your parenting up and make even better today?

I am enjoying the relationships I have with my children as they have become adults.  There are always opportunities to continue to build into their lives.  And I am ….

Parenting With Purpose

Coach Trudy