What is that?  I used to think that a master was someone in charge, an owner, the boss, the expert, the intelligent one, one with rank or status.  This was someone to be feared and to put up on a pedestal.

As I have learned over the last few years, a master is someone to hold in high regards – not just because of what they have done. A master is someone who is confident in their “being”, someone who is willing to get on the path to mastery and stay on it.

This path I refer to is the journey.  Anyone can hop on this path.  There is no pre-requisite other than a will and desire to learn a new skill.  So those of you who have been holding back because you thought it was for the uber-talented or only for those who were born into the journey, think again.

There are a few types of people that may get on the path and yet never stay on the journey.  The obsessive types of personalities will more times than not burn out before becoming a master of anything. The “toe in the water” type are just on the path to get their toe wet and have an experience of the journey.  Chances are they won’t last either.

The type of people who stay on the path of mastery are those that are in it for the long haul.  End results may motivate these people and yet it is the actual experience of the journey that holds the master on the path.

Pick a skill that you want to learn or get better at.  Choose a mentor or a coach to learn from.  Practice, practice, practice. Surrender to their teaching and to the discipline of practice.  Be intentional and whole-hearted.  Know your limits and push yourself to enlarge the boundaries of those limits.  Stop and smell the roses along the way.  Be grateful for how far you have come.  Remember it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.

On the Journey of Mastery

Coach Trudy



Do you understand what this word means?  I know I thought I knew what it meant at one time in my life.  Being brought up in a very strict, conservative Christian home, I had a strong legalistic understanding of what I thought it meant.  I thought it was doing what you were told, without question, with fear & trepidation, and much shame attached to it if I didn’t.

Being a competitive person most of my life, the reality was that surrender wasn’t easy for me.  The word itself seemed easy to get lost in.  I used to struggle with surrender because it symbolized “losing”, not being the best, not taking home the prize.

What I have come to realize and understand is that surrender is quite the opposite.  Surrender is the opposite of resistance.  Your greatest strength comes when you are in a place of total surrender.  It may be easier to talk about resistance first.

Resistance – a mentor of mine, Brian Klemmer, used to say “What you resist persists.”  Let that one set a moment.  Now think of how resistance affects your everyday life.  Let me throw out some possibilities: fighting traffic, a cluttered garage, missing a job promotion, going to the in-laws for a visit, eating your least favorite food, chores, a teenager who pushes your buttons….the list could go on and look much differently for you.  Have you ever noticed that if you have it, think it, feel it, it does some unpleasant things to your body.  Some people sweat, for others their heart starts racing, and for others they get a furrowed brow, these physiological changes to the body can have negative effects on your health.

Letting go of resistance is not simply “resigning”.  (Why try? What’s the use?)  When you make the choice to surrender to whatever the circumstance is and find a way of non-resistance, you start to open up the flood gates of possibilities.  Use whatever is going on to move yourself forward.  Go around the roadblocks instead of stopping and becoming stuck.

Think about it.  How much time and energy are you spending on resisting what you can’t change?  The way of surrender is being satisfied and at peace in whatever circumstance you find yourself in.  Happiness and satisfaction may or may not reside in the same circumstance.  It’s your choice.  You’ve heard the expression “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  It is what it is.  Make the best of it.  Choose to surrender.  Be open to the possibilities out there.


Coach Trudy