Fun Factor

Have you had fun today?  Have you had fun this week, this month, this year?  I have to admit that I am embracing my fun side again.  As a college student and young adult, I knew how to have fun – no question.  I embraced a lot of crazy adventure and fun in my married life, too.  I successfully threw a surprise birthday party for my husband for multiple years and he never saw it coming.  It was always fun.

If you are familiar with the four behaviour quadrants, the personality tree, or DISC, then you know about the personalities.  I have a strong “promoter”, “influencer”, or “sanguine” streak in me.  Yes, I have a strong dominant, controller streak as well.  For this blog post, we are talking about walking on the FUN side of life.

So back to the question, what have you done to embrace fun and adventure in your life today?  What are you waiting for?  Watch a funny video, go to a comedy club, watch your favorite sitcom, read a chapter from a joke book, go for a hike, go volunteer at the local soup kitchen, bake cookies and deliver them to your neighbors, listen to CD or mp3 of a comedian, call an old friend and laugh about the old days, hug a stranger, deliver a singing telegram to a co-worker…… Have fun!

For the benefits of what fun does for your life, check out this resource.  Have fun, laugh, and stay healthy!

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Fun Factor

Coach Trudy