What is that?  I used to think that a master was someone in charge, an owner, the boss, the expert, the intelligent one, one with rank or status.  This was someone to be feared and to put up on a pedestal.

As I have learned over the last few years, a master is someone to hold in high regards – not just because of what they have done. A master is someone who is confident in their “being”, someone who is willing to get on the path to mastery and stay on it.

This path I refer to is the journey.  Anyone can hop on this path.  There is no pre-requisite other than a will and desire to learn a new skill.  So those of you who have been holding back because you thought it was for the uber-talented or only for those who were born into the journey, think again.

There are a few types of people that may get on the path and yet never stay on the journey.  The obsessive types of personalities will more times than not burn out before becoming a master of anything. The “toe in the water” type are just on the path to get their toe wet and have an experience of the journey.  Chances are they won’t last either.

The type of people who stay on the path of mastery are those that are in it for the long haul.  End results may motivate these people and yet it is the actual experience of the journey that holds the master on the path.

Pick a skill that you want to learn or get better at.  Choose a mentor or a coach to learn from.  Practice, practice, practice. Surrender to their teaching and to the discipline of practice.  Be intentional and whole-hearted.  Know your limits and push yourself to enlarge the boundaries of those limits.  Stop and smell the roses along the way.  Be grateful for how far you have come.  Remember it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.

On the Journey of Mastery

Coach Trudy


Who Are You Rubbing Shoulders With?

Who’s your inner circle packed with?  Who do you hang out and fill your free time and thoughts with?

The growth in your life can be exponentially rocketed forward by the number of positive books you read and by the positive, forward moving people that you spend time with.

Your inner circle is filled with the people you allow to occupy space in your life.  It can include mentors, parents, friends, children, pastors, trainers, life coaches, and people who are going no where with their lives.  Stop and look at your inner circle.  Who are you allowing to have the most influence on your life?  Unfortunately, we may have people we have allowed to take up residency in our heads.  They may be having a negative effect on your life.

I ran across a you tube video Les Brown – Negative People.  Les says it so eloquently. If you don’t like your life, change it!  I encourage you to watch it and be prepared to design your new life.

I am rubbing shoulders with dynamic, powerful people.

Coach Trudy

Eradicate Procrastination

Come on.  I know you do it.  I do it.  What I do not understand is how I let get myself into a procrastinative state.  I get on such a roll and I am producing, then, before I even realize it, I have slumped into a state of couch potato.

Would you like to know how to eliminate procrastination from your life?  Set goals, set SMART goals.  Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Risky, Time lined.  Set yourself up to win, yet set your self up to live on the edge with the goal, too, with some risk.

From my own life I know I NEED to have a SMART goal I am working toward all the time.  Why?  To keep me moving forward.  I can be as lazy as the next person and slack off and do absolutely nothing.  There are times to relax and take some “me-time”.  Those times are needed.  When you find that you have spent nearly a month of your life on the couch, whether figuratively or actually, you know it’s time to get off the couch.

Now, I know you have done it.  So what?  Now what?  Just set a goal and start going after it.  Set some smaller mini-goals that feed into your bigger goal.  Prime example from my life, I set a goal for the Half-Marathon to support my health goal of losing inches & unwanted fat.  These two goals worked together synergistically for me to knock two goals off my list at the same time.

Eradicate Procrastination

Coach Trudy

Be Kind

Silver Lining

I saw this photo back a few weeks ago and it reminded me of a similar saying.  “Hurt people hurt people.” If we can remember this one phrase, we can change the world.  Using the technique of non-resistance, we can use every situation in our lives to propel us forward and bring change in the lives of the people in our sphere of influence.

I used to hurt people.  I look back on that time and I am not sure that I was cognizant at the time that I was hurting people.  I had a huge hole in my heart that I tried to fill for years (unsuccessfully I might add).  The good news is that I do not hurt people anymore – I operate on a level of what works for everyone.  Sure, we all hurt others at times in our lives, hopefully unintentionally.  What I am saying is that I endeavor to live my life in a way that will inspire others to move forward in life and be the change I want to see happen in the world.

Why am I talking this way, where am I going with this?  It’s about compassion.  If we can see others through the eyes of compassion, we can truly start to shift our world.  If we act in resistance to what grieves us, what angers us, what shames us, what drives us crazy…..we only make life more miserable for ourselves.  A very wise man named Brian Klemmer once said:  “What you resist persists.”  Pretty profound.  And that is the subject for another day.

Next time you see someone hurting someone else, look through the eyes of compassion and see their pain. Go even farther and do something about it – make a difference in their life.

Be Kind

Coach Trudy

Living By Choice

Living By ChoiceSo this picture caught my eye recently, and I realized that I would want to write about what it means to me.

I mentioned in a recent blog post that I had a pivotal moment of deciding to stop living as a victim to my circumstances and live responsibly. This post will be short, because I cover it in depth in my coaching sessions.

Look back on your life right now. Make a note of the times when you felt you had “no choice” and had to succumb to the circumstances around you. Go ahead, do it. Take a moment and truly reflect. Maybe it was a loss of a job, loss of a relationship, loss of a promotion. Whatever it is, you know the one I am talking about. Did you resign yourself to the circumstance? Did you resist it? Did you passively let others make choices for you?

If you truly get this, you will start to live in choice. If you don’t get it, you know how to reach me.

Living By Choice,

Coach Trudy

This is Love

Okay, before you think this is a mushy romantic post, wait and read on. I used to be so lost that I thought I needed to win, be better at everything, look like I have it all together to impress others. Have you ever done that? I did this for a long time, and I married someone with similar values. What I have found over the years, it just drives a wedge between you and the people you want to get closer to. At some point, I looked around and said “this sucks”. Sadly, it took me several years from that point to start getting it all sorted out in my own life. Happily, both my husband and I are on a journey of being the change we want to see in our world.

I heard a song by Natalie Grant that inspired me to share this thought today. We live in a world full of hatred, weakness, despair, darkness, bondage, poverty, welfare. It’s all around us, it’s hard to miss it – unless you are so focused on your own stuff that you miss it, like I used to do. I professed that I loved others and I did good things. I look back in reflection and realize how I did things for the wrong motives. I was letting my light shine yet sometimes my motives were compromised.

Simply said from Matthew 5:14-16: “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. “

I used to get hung up on the “good deeds” thing. I did it for people to see what a great person I was. Sure, I did lip service to my Creator, yet my underlying motive was messed up.

Being a woman of faith for nearly all my life, one might wonder how I could be that messed up. My transformation came a very short time ago. The gaps between the pivotal moments included living without much intention other than getting through that next day as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, employee, friend. I lived a life as the victim of the circumstances around me. I woke up one day and made a choice not to be a victim anymore. That pivotal moment changed my life immensely and forever.

What am I saying? Do something today to help others from the motive of just loving them. Take responsibility for your choices. Be a lighthouse. Be a safe house. Let your life be living proof of what love truly is. Genuinely love others by being your authentic self for no other reason than to love them where they are at. Get over your “schtuff” and shift into the life of authentic love.

Natalie Grant’s song, “This is Love”

This is Love

Coach Trudy