Seeing Life Responsible

I know I visit this topic often, maybe too often for some people.  Are you seeing life responsibly?  It is empowering to be responsible.  Maybe you are tired of being responsible.  Do you understand the difference between being a victim and being a responsible victim?

You can have awful things happen to you.  I had a biking accident a few days ago that saw me going over my handle bars, hitting the pavement, hitting my head (thankful for helmets!), banging up my bike, and spraining some ribs.  Sure, I could have blamed the lady in the car that was coming out of the parking lot that I was turning into.  She had some part in it for sure.  I chose to leave my work place a little late, I chose to do that one last thing at my office before I left.  I chose to keep my appointment that I was rushing to.  I chose to come into that parking lot a little faster than normal.  I chose to get up off the pavement and keep going when the lady stopped to ask if I was okay.  I  chose to not go to the doctor right away.  I chose……there’s an infinite number of choices I made.

You see where I am going with this?  I have choices in life.  I have power to do and say whatever I want.  Sure, I may find myself in an unfortunate circumstance.  It is all determined how I choose to behave in any circumstance.

What about you?  Are you living in choice? Or are you playing the blame game?

Choosing To Live Responsibly

Coach Trudy


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